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Downers Grove Fire Department

Architect: Williams Architects
Contractor: Nicholas & Assoc.
Distributor: Classic Hardware

Spargo Products:
DORMA locks, closers & exit devices, BOMMER hinges, Mohawk flush wood doors

In 2006, Williams Architects of Carol Stream, IL was commissioned to create the new prototype Fire Station for the City of Downers Grove. After several meetings with Spargo and DORMA personnel, Williams selected The Spargo Group to develop the door and hardware specifications. The Spargo Group wrote a CSI format spec with three equal brands for the major product types to ensure competitive bidding.

Nicholas and Associates was the general contractor and Classic Hardware furnished the doors and hardware. Classic Furnished DORMA Locks, Closers, and Exit Devices and Bommer Hinges as these Spargo Products were a competitive package. Classic also furnished Mohawk Flush Wood Doors in a Cherry Veneer to match the interior woodwork and colors.

The job was a success for all parties and Steve Mihelic of Williams Architects was pleased that "the job came in on time and under budget."

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