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2440 North Lakeview

John Keating Architects
Structures Construction

Distributor: LAFORCE, Inc.

Spargo Products:
SUPA MDF and Walnut Stile & Rail Doors, Timely Adjustable Frames 

The City of Chicago recently passed the Life Safety Act which requires all pre 1975 High Rise Residential Buildings to comply with current Fire Codes. Our combination of Fire Rated SUPA Custom Stile and Rail Doors and Timely Prefinished Steel Frames are ideal for these applications.  


John Keating Architects worked on the specification and LaForce Inc Furnished the Doors, Frames, and Hardware to Structures Construction .  SUPA’s MDF Stile and Rail Doors were chosen as they closely match the existing Stairwell Doors while their Walnut Stile and Rail Doors blend in nicely in the lobby areas.  Timely Adjustable Frames are a great fit as they allow the installers to overcome unforeseen field and wall conditions. 

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