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Chicago South Water Purification Plant

Architect: Greeley-Hansen
Contractor: George Sollitt
Distributor: LaForce Inc

Spargo Products:
Corrim FRP Doors and Frames
DORMA Mortise Locksets, Door Closers, and Exit Devices.

The City of Chicago Water Department contracted Greeley and Hansen Architects and Engineers to design a new water purification plant along the Scenic Chicago South Shore on Lake Michigan. The firm of Greeley and Hansen designs these facilities all over the USA. The design team asked the Spargo Group to assist in the door and door hardware specifications. Due to the extreme amounts of moisture and chemicals in the facility, the owner requested fiberglass doors.

Spargo and the design team decided to use Corrim's Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Doors and Frames for the specification. The Spargo Group worked closely with George Sollitt Construction, the general contractor; Teng, the security contractor; and LaForce Inc, the door and hardware distributor to select the appropriate Door Hardware. DORMA's Heavy Duty and Corrosion resistant Door Hardware was furnished along with Corrim's FRP doors and frames. This job features a large number of Dorma ML 9000 Electric Locksets and 9000 series Electrified Exit Devices along with Dorma's 8916 series Door Closers.

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